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The Versi Group is an early stage pharmaceutical company that develops innovative treatments to substantially improve the quality of life of patients suffering from chronic conditions. It was founded by Dr. Eboo Versi in 2005.

It owns and maintains an extensive portfolio of composition of matter and use patents, with IP protection in the U.S. and abroad up to 2029, in three primary therapeutic areas: urology, pain, and neurological disorders (i.e., Parkinson’s disease). The Versi Group’s portfolio leverages over two decades of scientific research. Its diversified asset pipeline ranges from pre-clinical to clinical-stage new molecular entities, the lead compound having been tested in over 900 patients.

The Versi Group seeks to develop and commercialize its diverse, yet risk-balanced pipeline of first-in-class compounds. Two of the clinical stage compounds are for urological conditions and the other is for analgesia (pain). The lead pre-clinical assets have data from whole animal models supporting indications for Parkinson’s disease, depression, and cardio-protection. 

Given the breadth of the portfolio, the Versi Group will pursue a multi-pronged strategy of internal development and partnerships to create additional shareholder value. We welcome an opportunity to speak with potential investors, strategic partners, academics, and clinicians who specialize in these therapeutic areas. Please contact us here.